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Leesburg Loom, Model 102

Manufacturer: Leesburg Looms

Product Code: LEEK3

5.0 average, based on 1 reviews

Leesburg Loom Model 102.  Freight charges not included in price.  (The hypothertical shipping charge you may see upon checkout is just a placeholder for our system). 
Due to constantly changing freight costs, please call us, so that we can find the best rate available.

Four harness loom designed for pattern weaving of rugs, curtains and novelties, as well as all other two harness weaving.

Weaves 36 inches or less with improved warping beam and rack.

This loom was developed to make the fancy weaves, such as twill, zig-zag and diamond patterns.  Used in schools where advanced weaving is taught.  Makes a firmer and heavier rug than two harness looms.  This is the aristocrat of looms at a very low price.

The Frame:  Heavy wood construction with scientific diagonal braced leg design.  Finished with varnish on natural wood.

Warp Beam:  Holds 75 yards of warp on about 2 inch sections, with friction release for take up.

Carpet Roll:  Wood construction with loom apron instead of lease cords for easy tie up and winding up of woven product.  Easy to handle and take up assembly.

Reed:  Steel, 12 spaces per inch.  Other sizes may be ordered extra.  Beater swings freely on steel bushings.

Harness Frames:  Steel end construction, equipped with 500 rustproof 10 inch steel heddles.  All tie up uses steel chain with threaded hooks for adjustment.  No loom cards, which would require constant adjustment.

Warping:  Spool rack built on loom making it easy to warp.

Equipment:  Includes four shuttles, threading hook, warp guide, counter and instruction book.

Threading:  27 inches wide, with 10 yards of black and natural warp put on for the Hollywood weave.  About four inches woven to show the design and proper selvage.  Can not be otherwise specified.  Two harness threaded with 10 yards of natural.

Improvements:  Steel pulleys & cable, steel rods on pedals, and a new brake system.

Dimensions:  44 inches wide, 41 inches from front to back, 33 inches from floor to level of work.  Shipping weight is approximately 140 pounds.

Damage:  If loom is damaged in shipping, mark the parts on a photograph and send it to us.  We will replace the affected parts promptly, free of charge.


Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Best loom ever!

I purchased my first loom, a Leesburg 102, in 1994 and taught myself to weave. I did everything from rugs to baby blankets on it and even some fancy Overshot Patterns. Purchased several other looms including a Harrisville-Rug loom with warp extender, but always loved the Leesburg. Last year I sold the Harrisville and bought another Leesburg. They are my go to looms for anything that needs the heavy beat and solid tension like rugs and many of my placemats. Highly recommend this loom for either a beginner or someone looking for a reliable general loom.

Sherry E Mummert :: May 31 2018, 03:22 am

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