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Leesburg Loom, Model 101

Manufacturer: Leesburg Looms

Product Code: LEEI3

5.0 average, based on 5 reviews

More weavers use this loom than any other loom on the market!  Your partner in a profitable home based business.  Freight charges not included in price.  (The hypothertical shipping charge you may see upon checkout is just a placeholder for our system).  Due to constantly changing freight costs, please call us, so that we can find the best rate available.

Two harness, two treadle counter balance.


Home woven products are in big demand throughout the country to go with any decor, whether it be Modern of Early American.  This provides an enormous steady market for home weavers.  Over 30,000 men and women are making money at home with looms of two harness design.  There is no reason you cannot do the same.  It's sturdy construction insures firmly made quality rugs.  The small investment sets you up completley.

The Leesburg Loom Model 101 is patterned after the widely known and extensively used Union Loom which has been withdrawn from the market, because the company went out of business.  The Leesburg Loom Model 101 is an improvement in many respects over the Union, for trouble-free, smooth and efficient operation.

Improvements include an interlocking cross frame for better support and a new brake system.

Special Information:  Looms are not sent C.O.D. nor sold on time.  Weaves all kinds of rugs.  Complete instruction for operation of the loom are included, and explains how to make numerous patterns.


Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Good Loom

I recommend it.

Jeune A. :: Apr 03 2020, 01:08 am

Loom 101

I like it. how much does 101 cost in Oak? Just wondering.

alexa :: Apr 02 2020, 07:28 am

Very sturdy loom!

I purchased 3 Looms (2 harness) for my business 2 years ago from Leesburg. 2 Maple and 1 pine. These are very sturdy rug Looms. They are nearly identical to vintage Union Looms. We have made over 800 rugs in the past 2 years at my shop (mostly done on these looms). I would definitely purchase a Leesburg again. The maple looms are sturdier, a bit prettier and heavier than the pine. The pine loom is fine for home use. Very happy with the dependability of these looms. P.S. I also highly recommend their fuzzy selvedge and carpet warp. High quality and good prices on all. Thank you Leesbueg.

Beryl :: Nov 03 2018, 11:55 am

happy weaver

I am very please with this loom. I had a few other looms that I whore out do to my heavy weaving and this loom the model 101 is holding up and be back for another loom soon.

Matthew Cousineau :: Dec 08 2016, 17:44 pm

Love this Loom

This loom is just like the one my Mother used to have. It is awesome. -- Josephine

Josephine Perott :: Aug 04 2010, 21:40 pm

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