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Afghan Selvages, Pre-Boxed, Cream Color

Manufacturer: Leesburg Looms

Product Code: AFGG81UG59

5.0 average, based on 3 reviews

Buy here and save a lot.   Approximately 45 pounds.

Cream color only, for a low price of 1.39/pound..   Price adjusted to reflect actual weight before shipping -- so you always get your money's worth.


(Image shows a variety of colors, but the cream is the one that we are talking about here).


Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

The Loom Room

I love everything about leesbug loom! The Afghan selvedges I get is superior to other companies, and the people couldn't be nicer. I'm thinking about adopting Deb! thanks

Marge Dunham :: Jan 17 2017, 13:44 pm

great service

I always enjoy coming out to Leesburg Loom. They always have a good selection of weft, and I am well taken care of. My call today was answered promptly and my search for a winding handle for my loom is now over. Thanks for staying in business and keeping me weaving :) Robin Wellington, OH

Robin :: Mar 05 2012, 14:23 pm

Great stuff

This is the best selvage material I've gotten. Each color came bagged, no pulling out colors from a huge bag and having to sort it and cut strings. Weaves like a dream. Thanks, Leesburg.

Daphne :: Jul 06 2011, 03:34 am

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