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8/3 Polyester Warp, Bulk 50

Manufacturer: Leesburg Looms

Product Code: 8301

100% 8/3 polyester warp on 1/2 pound tubes.  50 tubes that total approximately 25 pounds.

Due to the price of cotton, Leesburg Looms now offers polyester warp.  Aside from lower cost here are other advantages:

  • Polyester warp is stronger than 8/4 cotton warp or polyester/cotton blend warp;
  • Polyester warp has 25% more yardage per pound than cotton earp.

As always, you get more for your money at Leesburg Looms.

Save more with 100 rolls here.


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8/3 Polyester Warp, Bulk 50

8/3 Polyester Warp, Bulk 50